Maximise the cost effectiveness of your data centre

 Our Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution addresses end-to-end efficiency by considering both physical infrastructure and the IT systems that operate within the data centre 

Operational efficiency

Increase efficiencies, reduce energy costs and plan for effective change with an intuitive suite of software tools. Eliminate overheads in power and cooling, improve poor IT utilisation by server, rack, customer or application and ensure best practice operations.

Monitor & 

Monitor all aspects of the data centre, including mechanical, electrical and cooling systems, environmental conditions, server health, and even OS, VM and application performance. Define and report on end-to-end business metrics to drive iterative improvements.

Return on Investment

Reduce operating costs by optimising energy consumption and staff productivity. Understand how to get more from physical space, IT systems and supporting infrastructure. Make informed procurement decisions and avoid unnecessary expenditure. 

Request a 

See how our products can be implemented in a staged manner in order to deliver incremental gains in efficiency with minimal disruption. Discover an easy-to-use, cost-effective and highly scalable DCIM solution that meets your current and future needs. 

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Read our latest news. Come and meet us at data centre events around Britain and Europe. See live demonstrations of our product, tell us about your needs and help to build a common vision.