About Concurrent Thinking

Concurrent Thinking was based in Warwick, UK, and had a long heritage in the design and implementation of large-scale computing infrastructures and software for High Performance Computing. Their background provides us with a unique perspective on holistic approaches for system management and the design of scalable computing products that can meet the requirements of the next-generation data centre.

The company was founded by Michael Rudgyard, a serial entrepreneur who also founded Allinea Software Ltd. (a world-wide leader in scalable tools for High Performance Computing applications). Although the companies share a common history (up until 2009, they existed under the same corporate umbrella), they now operate as distinct legal and commercial entities, albeit benefiting from the wealth of experience in systems management and scale-out software design that was gained over many years.

In early 2010, the company received investment from the Mercia Funds (I and II) and the Early Advantage Fund, as well as other existing investors, in order that it might exploit its HPC technology within the broader data centre marketplace. Soon afterwards, Carbon Trust Investments Ltd made a strategic investment on the basis of our ability to monitor and actively manage power (and hence minimise Carbon emissions) within the data centre.