Concurrent Thinking Products

Concurrent Thinking drawed upon a wealth of experience in scalable computing in order to bring new concepts and solutions to the converging HPC and data centre markets. Its end-to-end approach to monitoring and management - spanning building and facilities, environmental, server and OS management - sets it apart from the crowd and opens up new opportunities for energy optimisation.


concurrentCOMMAND was a complete system management solution, built on a hardened 1U server appliance, that enhances staff productivity, maximises system uptime and drives data centre efficiency.

Working in tandem with concurrentCONTROL, concurrentCOMMAND interfaces with facilities management infrastructure, rack-based devices and IT systems in order to identify a wide range of energy-saving strategies across the data centre. Our products then provide the necessary tools to help implement these strategies, providing a significant short-term ROI for our customers.

concurrentCOMMAND used standard protocols for monitoring and managing power at the distribution board, PDU and server level (including power capping), with support for environmental sensors, out-of-band server health monitoring, and even OS deployment and performance monitoring.

concurrentCOMMAND provided an intuitive, best-in-class, web 2.0 GUI that allows users to access meaningful information and then action changes from any internet-capable device.


concurrentCONTROL works together with Concurrent Thinking’s concurrentCOMMAND product in order to provide a complete solution for optimising data centre power efficiency. It acts as a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds, bringing together information from power management and environmental monitoring devices with data from IT systems.

Delivered in the form of a discrete ‘Zero U’ appliance, and with support for up to sixteen wired 5V sensors and two Ethernet networks, concurrentCONTROL provides a scalable platform for power, environmental, server and OS monitoring within the data centre.

DCIM solutions for Energy Efficiency

With an intuitive Web 2.0 interface and a plug-and-play appliance approach, the concurrentCOMMAND and concurrentCONTROL products are simple to install, use and maintain, yet provide powerful techniques for identifying and reporting on potential data centre inefficiencies and then actioning changes.

Solutions for High Performance Computing Systems

Concurrent Thinking’s DCIM solutions were originally developed for managing large-scale High Performance Computing systems, where an holistic system management capability and a scalable architecture were paramount considerations.

Concurrent expected to announce an updated version of its HPC product soon as a fully integrated component of a data centre management platform.